List of the best beaches in the vicinity of Omiš

Omiš is a favorite tourist destination on the Adriatic for both couples and families with children. The reason for this is, of course, numerous beaches, which are at the same time proud carriers of the Blue flag.

Velika plaža (Main beach)

The most famous beach in the town is Velika plaža. It is a sandy beach not far from the town center. 700 meters of pure sand and is more than enough for kids to enjoy the joys of the sea. This beach is also popular for adults. Additional activities are available for you to enjoy your free time, such as beach volleyball. For those who are more of the courageous spirit there is the possibility of windsurfing or jet skiing.

After a day out on the water, settle in the thick shade of pine trees and relax in some of the many bars by drinking cold coffee or some other refreshing drink. It is important to note that Velika plaža is a natural beach. It is located at the mouth of Cetina and it was formed by the deposition of small and clean river sand. The beach is ideal and perfect for relaxing and swimming at any time during the summer season. Namely, since it is facing the south, it is full of sunshine all day; until late afternoon hours.

On the western side of the beach there is a rocky pier that provides protection from wind. Velika plaža will satisfy the needs and desires of lovers of diving. This part of the Adriatic is abundant with fish and beautiful shells. Because of the relatively shallow sea it is always warm.

Brzet Beach

Brzet Beach is yet another popular town beach, and it is close to the Lejo Villas.

The beach is pebbly and is completely surrounded by pine trees, so it is ideal for those who do not want to have a full day in the sun.

Beach Slavinj

The Slavinj Beach is located just beside the Brzet Beach. It is a smaller pebble beach which is also in the shade of centuries-old pine trees.

Other beaches and places

The Omiš Riviera is famous for its many picturesque fishing villages and settlements, each of which has its own beach.

– Nemira

– Stanići

– Ruskamen

– Lokva Rogoznica

– Medići

– Mimice

– Pisak

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