Rafting on river Cetina near Omiš

Thanks to its natural environment, Croatia is an ideal destination for rafting. Particularly popular is rafting on Cetina near Omiš.

It is an extremely fun water activity where participants sit in rafts (rubber boats) and descend to the river speed. In each rack there is also a skipper (steering wheel) that manages the boat.

How it works

The adventure starts at a part of the river named Pavic Bridge. All the participants are wearing a neoprene suit, a protective vest and a helmet. In their hands they get paddles and are ready for boarding. The very beginning of the track is not so demanding, so in this part of the river the participants learn proper rowing and commands. You will be followed by beautiful nature and pure and clear river with all its “inhabitants”.

Soon you will encounter a tunnel from the branch and then come to the most demanding part of the track where the participants’ enthusiasm will come to light. Once this obstacle is successfully passed, the crew stops at a small lake for refreshment in the river.

The next break is reserved for refreshing natural spring water! Yeah, well you heard. At this point, springs of pure natural water will be available to all participants at that moment. After all the participants came out of the raft, the skippers throw the rafts across the dam and descend to a more dangerous waterfall. Tourists then re-enter their boats. After that, there are new excitement, new speeds and even more adrenaline in the blood!


If you thought that was the end, you are wrong

Certainly, the most interesting fast is the letter “Z”, where a minor mistake can cause the overturning of the raft. But the participants sometimes deliberately decide on it because there is never enough of laughter and entertainment!

Soon after, it sticks down to the nearby rock and all try out how skillful they are in jumping on their heads. The height is about 2-4 meters, and the depth of water is about 8 meters. There are no rocks, so jumping is definitely safe.

The rest of the time is reserved for a little quick and enjoyable on the water. The trail ends at Radman Mills where the rowers pull the raft out of the water and board the minibus to return them to Omiš. It is important to note that you are tracked along the trail by a professional photographer who captures the most interesting moments. The images are transferred to a CD and you can buy them right after the adventures.

The rafting season on Cetina usually starts on 1.4 and ends on October 1. The level of Cetina varies depending on the amount of precipitation. It is therefore recommended that you prefer to arrive at the very beginning of the season, when rain is frequent and when water levels are higher. By doing so, the river is faster, and the experience is much better.

Our warnings and recommendations

Never go rafting alone or with untested instructors or equipment.

We have been cooperating with the Pinta team for a long time. Read what they want to tell you about themselves:

We are a company specialized in organizing rafting trips down the Cetina river in Croatia since 2000.

We have years of experience, international education, we paddled miles and miles of rivers, but our goals are still simple; providing a safe, fun, educational adventure for all our clients.

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