Historical locations in Omiš

The town of Omiš is a picturesque small Dalmatian town located at the mouth of the Cetina River into the Adriatic Sea, between the towns of Split (24 km) and Makarska (36 km). The history of Omiš goes back to ancient times, 2 000 years ago, when Omiš was known as Oneum. In the past, Omiš was known for the Omiš pirates, who ruled the Adriatic Sea from Split all the way to Dubrovnik. For this reason, Omiš is full of historical monuments and heritage. The most famous are fortresses: Mirablea (Peovica) and Fortica.

Fortica Fortress

Is old more than 500 years, located at the top of the Omiš Dinara just above the town of Omiš. If you are hiking enthusiast, it is highly recommendable to climb up to the Fortica. In the city center next to the pasta factory Prerada there is a well-marked path. It will take you less then an hour to climb up to the fortress. Once you reach the top, there is a spectacular view that reaches all the way to islands of Brač, Šolta and Hvar, crystal blue Adriatic Sea and the stunning canyon of Cetina River.

Fortica played an important role in the defense of the city. It was strategically built above the city as a lookout point. In case the guards spotted enemies approaching the town, they would inform the local people to retreat and hide in the fortress. In addition, at the same time, it also represented excellent protection from hostile attacks. This may sound unbelievably at first glance, but if the enemies took over the city center, Omiš’s defenders would remove rocks from the fortress and destroy the city and destroy the enemies. Luckly, it never came to that!

The fortress is still stable today and is a favorite place not only for the local population but also for the tourists. Make sure you take the camera with you to capture the splendid view and also it is a good selfie location.

Mirabella Fortress

Was built in 13th century and it is located at the top of the old part of the town of Omiš and it is more accessible than Fortress Fortica. There are stairs next to the Curch sv. Duh (in the centre of the old town), which lead to Mirabella. It takes approx. 10 minutes of walk to reach the fortress. The stairs which lead to Mirabela fortress are a bit steep, but trust me it is worth the climb! The fortress consists of 4 floors, and at the entrance there are numerous pirate souvenirs. At the top of the fortress there is a viewpoint that offers spectacular view of the town of Omiš and the Brač channel.

Mirabella’s purpose was also to serve as lookout point to spot on time enemies approaching the town, mostly the Venetians. The Omiš pirates were able to spot the enemies in time and inform the local people. There is a legend that in the 16 th century, Turks were just about the attack Omiš, when the Omiš pirates started shooting and shouting towards Cetina canyon creating an echo. It made Turks believe that there are outnumbered, so they just decided to give up the attack and leave.

Omiš Town Museum

Is located in the building close to the Eastern City Gate at the very entrance to the Old Town Archaeological exhibits show evidence of continuous settlement in the area of the town of Omiš and its surroundings since the Early Stone Age.

Archaeological finds have helped in the reconstruction of lifestyles and customs from past times.

There are many antique inscriptions, reliefs, monuments and other specimens found in the antient times in the Oneum settlement, and the most important ones are stored in the Omiš Town Museum where they talk their own story.

The most famous monuments are:
– stone fragments with Roman inscriptions from the 1st century BC
– Golden Arkadia Gold 395.-408.
– a marble portrait of Emperor Tiberius
– the inscription from the city gate of Oneuma
– Early Christian Reliefs
– Venetian coat of arms
– a transcript of the Poljički Statute

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