Festival of the Dalmatian klapa

Omiš is best known for the Festival of the Dalmatian klapa, which takes place every summer during July. The word “klapa” in the Dalmatian dialect means a group of people, but in the musical sense it represents a capella singing. Originally this type of music is from the Dalmatian region. It was created hundreds of years ago when a group of people would spontaneously sing while socializing together. Klapa normally consists of 5 to 8 people. In the beginning, there were only men’s klapa, and later women’s klapa and mixed klapa appeared. Even UNESCO recognized the value of the klapa tradition and in December 2012 included klapa singing on the list of intangible world heritage in Europe. Festival of the Dalmatian Klapa has a long history, it has been held since 1967.

It is difficult to describe in words the magic when, during the summer nights, the klapa song resounds from the St. Michael’s square through the kale (narrow city streets typical of Dalmatian cities).

Pirate battle

The pirate battle in Omiš is the most visited and popular tourist event reviving the history of the city of Omiš, which gathers more than thousands of visitors every year. The people of Omiš are extremely proud of their pirates and honor them with this unique event. The pirate battle takes place in the city’s port, and its goal is to faithfully portray and revive the historical battle from the 13th century, between the Omis pirates led by Prince Kačić and the Venetians led by the fleet commander Akoncije. All visitors have the opportunity to enjoy exceptional scenes and battle reconstructions. In addition, pirate ships (sagittas) and pirate and Venetian galleys are used in the Pirate Battle.

As part of the Pirate Battle, the Day of Little Pirates is also held. It is an event where your youngest can meet “real pirates”. After getting acquainted with the game, there is fun playing and playing pirate games.

The Pirate Battle event takes place every summer in mid-August and usually lasts two days.

Other events

Other events worth mentioning:

– Omiš Cultural summer

– The Christmas fair

– Omiš Half Marathon

– Dalmatian ultra trail The most famous sights in Omiš

– the old Omiš cemetery

– Church sv. Michael

– Church sv. Peter (from 10th Century)

– Church sv. Spirit

– Church of our Lady of Carmel

– Church sv. Jure in Gradac

– Monument to Mila Gojsalić

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